Friday, January 26, 2018

The Patras Research Division of G.H.REES is publicizing the reply to the signals of G.H.REES, and the signal of the headquarters of the internal hollow surface of Earth towards the headquarters of the countries of the external surface of Earth:

The Patras Research Division of G.H.REES is publicizing the reply to the signals of G.H.REES, and the signal of the headquarters of the internal hollow surface of Earth towards the headquarters of the countries of the external surface of Earth:

Headquarters (Leaders) of the Hollow-Earth, Departments of “Elysian Fields”, “Asphodelus Fields”, “Chthonic Jupiter”, “Chthonic Apollo”, “Chthonic Hera”, to the headquarters (Leaders) of the Convex External Surface of Earth, users of machines of super-luminal speeds signals (speed of Light X 10^6) from Group of Planetary Security of Nation-State Hellas (“Delphados-Delphios”) of the Metropolitan area representing the Andromedian Principle of Uranides, we received knowledge of the committed in the past, in the present and in the future planed interplanetary genocide crimes of the invaders from the constellation of Draco under the leadership of Sentiou (Sedi-Jedi), against the Anthropian races, of the Fauna and Flora of the External and Internal surface of the Planet Demeter-Gaia.

We have transmitted the above information to the Andromedian military forces of the four (4) External Planets, to the Metropolitan (“Genitor”) Constellation of Andromeda of Local Galaxy, to the Terrestrial Noesis Being, to the Solar Noesis Being, all agreeing for the top-urgent need of “Unconditional Surrender” or “Annihilation” of the Universal Arch-Criminal Sentiou or Eloh or Allah, and his subordinates criminals Dracoids or Elohim of the Battleship Moon (Selene-Levaniah), semi-artificial satellite of Planet Earth, originating from the constellation of Draco.

Therefore, abort your obedience and your crimes ordered by the above Dracoids criminals and from the traitors Gods (Theontes) Saturn, Poseidon, and Ares-Thor, because we have suggested to the Andromedian Headquarters, and your own annihilation as accomplishes to the terrestrial and universal Dracoid Crimes.

We have forewarned the Lunar Dracoids that the collision of the Giant-Asteroid with Planet Earth will provoke a Nuclear Explosion of the fiery Zone Radioactive Metals of the Planet up to a depth of thousand kilometers from the external convex surface and from the internal hollow surface. Width of the Planet’s fiery Zone: 200+ Kilometers. Distance between the outside and inside surface: 2.200+ Kilometers. The Nuclear Explosion of the fiery Zone of numerous million tons of fissile radioactive heavy metals will be spheroid in shape, with sphere-radius of 3.000.000 Kilometers, namely 10-times the Earth-Moon distance, and therefore the Battleship Moon of the Dracoids will be vaporized, by stationed inside the center of this colossal nuclear explosion which the same Lunar Dracoids plan to provoke.
We consider that the Dracoids Nuclear Physicists of the Moon must put in front of the 24 ministers of Sedi, a matter of overthrowing the Sedi leadership, because him, with his stupid tactic, is driving all the Lunar Dracoids to an involuntary suicide.

For the Space Research division of G.H.REES Patras, the Representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, General of Planetary Security of G.H.REES, Iolkos, Elpidos 12 Nea Ionia, Volos - Greece.
Mobile Telephone: (+30) 698 36 579 54

We advise to our readers that the Present Signal of the Hollow-Earth Andromedians must be sent through E-mail to all the Foreign Embassies of Athens, and to all the Universities and Mass Media of USA and Europe.

P.S.2: “Asphodelus Fields”
(Note: In Greek legend the asphodel is one of the most famous of the plants connected with the dead and the underworld. Homer describes it as covering the great meadow, the haunt of the dead. It was planted on graves, and is often connected with Persephone, who appears crowned with a garland of asphodels. Its general connection with death is due no doubt to the greyish color of its leaves and its yellowish flowers, which suggest the gloom of the underworld and the pallor of death. The roots were eaten by the poorer Greeks)

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


The General G.Ayfantis of the “Ethnegersia” political movement, in his article in the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora” (Free Time), the Bishop Ambrosios of Aigialea, other Greek Bishops, the famous music composer Mikis Theodorakis, the clubs of ex servicemen and reservists Army Officers, and all the Hellenocentric Organizations, have stated that : because in the articles 3 and 49 of the Skopje constitution it is written that : “Skopje will fight (including military fight) for the rights of the Macedonians of the neighboring countries", therefore if Greece attributes the name “Macedonia” to Skopje, then this creates a clear danger about the territorial sovereignty of Greece homeland.

We inform the Greek Justice, the Greek Police, the Officers of the Greek Armed Forces, that the component of the Trotskyists of “SY.RIZ.A.” organizes on 21/1/2018 in Thessaloniki and Athens, counter-protests of Anarchists and Trotskyists of “SY.RIZ.A.” which will demand to give  Skopje the name “Macedonia”.

At the same time the Greek Communist Party “KKE” have stated through the syndicalist Boutas, the blocking of the National Highways with Tractor-Vehicles by the Greek Farmers in order to cancel the grand-protest in Thessaloniki 21/1/2018.

The above means self-proved “Treason of the Country” from the Government parties (SY.RIZ.A.+ AN.EL.) and “KKE”, articles of the Penal Code 138-151, with there mentioned Death Penalties.

In case the hebrew-masonic treasonous Government parties of “SY.RIZ.A.+AN.EL.” choose to accept the Name of “Macedonia” for Skopje, then G.H.REES calls upon the Greek Justice, the Greek Police, the Greek Army and the Greek Citizens to overthrow the Traitors using armed force, including  the rest tight-lipped political parties of the Parliament, and to enforce against them the penalties of the articles 138-151 of the Greek Penal Code, as it is clearly ordered in the article 120/4 of the Greek Constitution.


Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, Representative of G.H.REES, General of National Security of G.H.REES, Elpidos 12 Nea Ionia, Volos – Greece.

Tel. (+30) 698 365 7954

We note that in the office of the traitor mayor of Thessaloniki, Boutaris, have gathered officers of the “CIA” branch in Greece, in order to coordinate together with the Greek Police the canceling of the grand protest in 21/1/2018. This means Treason of the Greek Police Officers in their entire hierarchy. This also means that the Anarchists and the left-wing Trotskyists are coordinating absolutely with the interests of Zionism and with Capitalism, which supposedly fight against.

We note that while the Americans are putting pressure for the final solution of the Name of Skopje through the homosexual American-hebrew lawyer Matthew Nimetz, in order for Skopje to join “NATO”, the “NATO” charter forbids the entry of a country which officially claims the territories of a neighboring country, especially in case this country is a country-member of “NATO”. This article of the “NATO” charter has already been violated numerous times by Turkey which officially claims Aegean Greek Islands and rest territorial claims up to Thessaloniki city! Therefore, we ask the receivers of the above signal to also deliver it to the President of USA, as the leader country of “NATO”, because him (Donald Trump) and his American-hebrew son-in-law Kushner, are putting pressure on Greece through Nimetz, for the acceptance of the name “Macedonia”, as compound term of the final name of Skopje.
The Greeks of G.H.REES say bollocks to the Hebrew Nimetz and his five (5) alternative designations of Skopje with the compound term “Macedonia”.
Likewise the Greeks of G.H.REES say bollocks to the condition of the final designation of the name of Skopje in order for this country to join “NATO”.
“NATO” is an illegal criminal organization anymore, which cancels itself from its own charter, which forecast the break-up of “NATO” right after the break-up of the “Warsaw Pact” which is already history many years ago.

To the above mentioned Treason is to also be added the Mason traitor Arch-Bishop Hieronymus who by obeying to the Greek-hebrew Prime minister Tsipras, advised Greeks to cancel the grand protest of 21/1/2018 in Thessaloniki (Capital city of Macedonia).

G.H.REES is calling the Greek Orthodox Ecclesia hierarchy to overthrow NOW the traitor Hieronymus.


Intellectual Death of Hebrew-Mongol Matthew Nimetz

LATEST UPDATE 22-1-2018:

As latest info is coming from Thessaloniki city, we reveal to our readers the following:
1. They have closed the only state toll-gates in Malgara-Thessaloniki under the orders of the Ministry of Transportation in order to forbid the people to enter the grand protest in the center of the capital city of Macedonia, Thessaloniki.
2. About 2000 vehicles and busses from rest mainland Greece have been blocked from entering the center of Thessaloniki, and the people were forced to walk on foot 10 kilometers (!!!) in order to reach  the center of the city to join the Grand Protest.
3. It was used electronic warfare of “Mobile-phone Jammers” and people were not able to communicate with each other and were not able to post real-time footage of the Grand Protest in the World Wide Web.
4. There was a complete media-blackout! The TV channels (especially the Government controlled) played irrelevant programs and while about 500.000 people were protesting in the center of Thessaloniki city, they didn’t break their TV programs and they didn’t show any live footage concerning the grand protest!!!
5. The Government controlled media and the treasonous Police later falsely claimed that “only” 90.000 people were in the Protest, while in reality have gathered over 500.000 people, as Reuters and Italian and rest international media have pointed out. There were also organized international protests of the Greek Diaspora in Germany, in Australia and elsewhere around the World!
See the aerial video of the Grand Protest in Thessaloniki (21-1-2018) and judge for yourself:

MACEDONIA IS GREEK, and you will never be able to stop the patriotic people power!!!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ultra urgent message of G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) planetary security of Andromedian Hellenes of the country of Hellas (Greece) to Apollonian Andromedian forces of the inner earth.

Ultra urgent message of G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) planetary security of Andromedian Hellenes of the country of Hellas (Greece) to Apollonian Andromedian forces of the inner earth.

Andromedian leaders of the inner earth, just a few hours after our previous request to you as well as the andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets pertaining to the most urgent need for the elimination of the universal criminal gang of Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jahweh, Saturn, Poseidon and Ares (or Thor), should they continue their crimes against cells of the Universal Organism or Pan, this criminal gang multiplied its crimes against the  humans, animals and plants of our planet, thus murdering part of the body of our Allmighty God Pan (Universal Organism).

1)By use of space and earth stationed right-turning radiation machinery, this criminal gang of 4 reversed the thrust of ocean currents form left-turning to right-turning thrust. As a result, this rapid mixing of warm and super cold polar ocean currents brought about the death of innumerable millions of marine life in North America and Canada, due to the sudden drop in the water temperature. Marine life with gills and sea mammals , such as dolphins , sacred animals of God Apollo, have perished. Similarly, the same criminal gang of 4 caused the genocide of animals and birds of the American continent , with -46ο C in Canada and -30ο C in the USA. A similar devious genocide of plant life and trees is taking place across North America. The objective of this criminal gang is to bring about hunger and disease across  the USA and Canada through decomposition of marine and land life , so that the whole of North America will come to a standstill both nutritionally and sanitarily, after which China will be pronounced draconian planetary leader . In view of the upcoming genocide of North America by China , in WWIII masterplanned by the gang of the 4 galactic, universal criminals, between the USA-Europe-Japan axis and that of Russia-Siitic Islamic countries-China, the objective is to obliterate and genocide the white andromedian and the black Sirian races by the white-yellow Mongol races and the pure yellow race of China and unified Korea soon to come along.

2)A similar genocide of marine and land life via meteorological and geological seismic warfare caused by ''geomagnetic fronts'' and raging forest fires , has been planned and executed by the criminal 4-membered gang against Europe and Japan., soon to be followed by the genocide of tens of millions of people from artificial super-cold weather conditions caused by super-cold weather producing machinery , as well as unusual seismic activity happening together with these geomagnetic fronts in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Pertaining to the genocide of tens of millions of people from the extreme cold conditions , the sionistic US government falsely announced that it will raise the price of oil due to oil reserves in the USA running low. The Israeli intelligence services blew up and destroyed the industrial hub of Russian natural gas in Austria, which delivers natural gas all across Europe, thus the rise in the price of natural gas along with the upcoming suspension of the flow of natural gas from Russia to Europe because of the collusive false ''hostilities'' between US government Hebrew-Mongols and those of the Russian government , on orders of the 4 criminals.

Therefore, we demand that you, along with the andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets and the three governments of our local galaxy, instantly apply the galactic and universal laws that force the 4 criminals to agree to cease their crimes and to immediately accept to commit acts of expiation for life, or face ultimate extinction. In the event that you and the rest galactic forces fail to apply these galactic, universal laws, then we will be forced to denounce you to the authorities of  the main Andromeda galaxy via neutrino/naser signals, as conscious accomplices of the criminal gang of the 4 mutineers, including the three governments of our local galaxy.

We remind you that the worst of the 4 criminals , that is Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jehova originating in the constellation of A' Draconis (Drago constellation)who inspired the Jehovic Mongol medium John to write the criminal '' Holy Bible'' through his demons or angels, he publicly and in writing states that he is going to send a mega-meteorite to crash into planet earth. This meteorite will pierce through the planet's outer mantle down to the core at a depth of 1,000 klm. , so as to create a super-volcano whose crater will spew lava flow and smoke that will block out the sun.

We estimate the force of impact will devastate the internal surface of inner earth , hurling a huge chunk of the surface of inner earth toward the centre, together with magma and huge amounts of smoke , to cause you to asphyxiate and force you to the surface through the openings at the poles where you will be eliminated. Therefore, it is compelling that you eliminate the universal criminal Sin-Sion-Sina-Jahweh for the safety and survival of the andromedan populations of inner earth that you are leaders of. Similarly, the accomplices of the 4 criminals , that is, the draconian Chinese, Koreans, semi-draconian white-yellow Mongol Jews, Saxons, Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Skopjans, and other such Mongols, must also consent to accept immediate cessation of their crimes against the white and black races of the planet through committing acts of expiation for life, or be immediately eliminated according to universal laws of '' eliminating the cancerous cells from the body of the Universal Organism''.

With neutrino speeds of '' 10 to the 6th multiplied by the speed of light, and the Andromeda galaxy being 1,5 million light years away from earth'' , the present message will reach the Andromeda galaxy after 1,5 earth years.  Given that the 4 criminals planned WWIII for earth year 2023-2024 , that is after 7 earth years which makes it impossible for any  andromedan reinforcements to reach earth within 5,5 years , the burden of permanently cancelling this war of the white and black races being exterminated by the yellow draconian race, and your own people by the 4 criminals, as well as the gradual removal of the draconian flagship MOON by the andromedan forces of the 4 outer planets, falls on your shoulders and the shoulders of these forces. Thus, see to it that the armed forces of Russia-Islamic countries-China-Korea axis are prevented from achieving victory , by immediately destroying the armed forces of these countries. Moreover, destroy the armed forces of the Albania- Skopje-Bulgaria-Turkey-Romania axis, since they have planned a simultaneous attack against Greece within the current earth year 2018 for the genocide of half the Greek population.

End of message.

This message is dedicated to andromedan Goddess ATHENA, and God APOLLO , God of Fine and Martial Arts.

On behalf of  ''The team of planetary security'', G.H.REES, '' Group for Hellenic Re-establishment'', the Greek (Hellene) descendant of the Andromedan Ouranides , by the earth name of Karageorgiou Giannis, G.H.REES representative , non-operational General of planetary security, city of Iolkos, Volos, Greece (Hellas).

6th day of the 1st earth month of January, earth year 2018.

Be blessed and strong within the body of PAN the Universal Organism.


This message to be transmitted over the telephone (preferably mobile) between friends of G.H.REES, not forgetting to mention the caller’s name and location, for conversion of sound waves to neutrino waves.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ultra urgent G.H.REES publication pertaining to the banning of criminals from the galactic institutional framework (of survival through acts of redemption).

Ultra urgent G.H.REES publication pertaining to the banning of criminals from the galactic institutional framework (of survival through acts of redemption).

G.H.REES , as the informal representative of the andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets, are announcing to the Greek public that on 26/12/2017, they transmitted the following ultimatum of the G.H.REES prytaneum to the andromedian forces of the inner earth , as well as to all andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets:

In the event that the 4 mutineer bandits against the galactic hierarchy, namely Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jahweh otherwise known as the ''Father'' of Christianity, Saturn, Poseidon, Ares, continue their criminal activities via meteorological warfare, geological warfare instigation of earthquakes, and such like, and in the event that they go on genociding people, animals, trees and plants , the flora and fauna of the planet, G.H.REES will ban the above mentioned 4 universal criminals from using the galactic institutional advantage of surviving through acts of redemption.

The above message is going public via the G.H.REES representative , namely Karageorgiou Cr.Cr. Giannis , who bears the sole responsibility of the afore-mentioned announcement .

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ultra urgent message of Hellenic national and planetary security from the G.H.REES space research division at Patras , Greece, to all governments and the Greek ministry of Defense , General Army High Command, Navy High Command, Air Force High Command, via the military attaches of all foreign embassies in Athens Greece, pertaining to the planned EMP electromagnetic pulse impact about to be caused by USA-NASA, now owned by the Jewish Rockfellers. This electromagnetic impact will be brought about through nuclear blasts in the earth’s stratosphere, directly over three U.S member states , over European countries , over Sounitic Islamic states, and over Buddhist countries in Asia.

Ultra urgent message of Hellenic national and planetary security from the G.H.REES space research division at Patras , Greece, to all governments and the Greek ministry of Defense , General Army High Command, Navy High Command, Air Force High Command, via the military attaches of all foreign embassies in Athens Greece, pertaining to the planned EMP electromagnetic pulse impact about to be caused by USA-NASA, now  owned by the Jewish Rockfellers. This electromagnetic impact will be brought about through nuclear blasts in the earth’s stratosphere, directly over three U.S member states , over European countries , over Sounitic Islamic states, and over Buddhist countries in Asia.

Through Greek-American staff in various American services, G.H.,REES learned that NASA launched phosphorus charge missiles which have already detonated in the stratosphere causing huge bright flashes visible to the authorities and the citizens in the above mentioned countries (the states of Ohio, Arizona, etc.).

These explosions , up until 16/11/2017, were carried out in order to cover up for the nuclear bomb detonations due to take place in the earth’s stratosphere over the next few days , directly  above the above mentioned countries , in an attempt for the imminent nuclear blasts to remain ''unexplained'', and so that these would be falsely attributed to solar flares by Jewish criminal NASA, as well as to electromagnetic pulses originating in black holes in our galaxy. Should this planetary crime be committed , it will mean total destruction of nuclear power plants , electrical power plants, total malfunctioning and destruction of  electric and electronic equipment of the above countries’ military forces, the electrical equipment of hospitals , water  reservoir electrical pumps, city electricity networks, electric as well as electronic equipment of industries –agriculture-livestock, internet servers and computer power failures in the above mentioned countries.

Ultimate goal of this planetary crime: The general collapse of the above mentioned countries and their return to prehistoric  times , so that they would be forced to accept the political-economic-military dominance of the USA in order to survive through provisions of food, medicines and water.
The above crime is also aimed at annexing the above countries to the US.E.J (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN), and T.I.M (TIBET-INDIA-MONGOLIA) axes, in order to form a unified military front of the above countries against the R.I.C (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA) axis for the waging of WWIII. WWIII is to start with an assault of the US.E.J and T.I.M axes against the R.I.C axis , so that the R.I.C axis will counterattack for the planned complete genocide of the military officers and civilians of both US.E.J and T.I.M axes by the armies of R.I.C , in particular those of China and North Korea up until 2029.

During a secondary phase, as has been planned by ''HONG'' of China, the armies of China and North Korea will use the same electromagnetic weapons (EMP) to cause the collapse and genocide of their current allies , that is, Russia and the Siitic Islamic states.

Defence measures against the above planned Jewish-Chinese crime against humanity :
Cover up the rooftops of nuclear reactors, power pants, industries , the armed forces equipment of the attacked countries, reservoirs etc., with the recommended ‘’sandwich’’ method below, which is already in use by the Russian armed forces for the protection of wireless units, radar, and any other equipment used by the armed forces.

Recommended ''anti-EMP sandwich'' make-up:

First layer: ordinary sheets of plastic.
Second layer: well-earthed dense metal grid.
Third layer: ordinary sheet of plastic similar to the one above.

All operators of armed forces technological equipment must be ordered to wear protective plastic gloves when handling wireless, radar and other metal equipment , as EMP can cause a deadly blow of static electric current when passing through metal not well-earthed.

The present ultra-urgent message is transmitted by G.H.REES in Greece (HELLAS) aiming at cancelling the above planned planetary crime in the sense that: The culprit is being made public , as well as the time and place of this imminent crime , so that eventually  it would become impossible for it to be committed , due to a fear of the culprits being subjected to preventive arrests and punishments for their crimes against humanity , imposed on them by justice, police forces, and militant patriots of the countries concerned.

Take immediate action and exterminate the Rockfellers as well as the chief Varouch rabbis of the USA, as the ones solely responsible for carrying out this planetary crime ordered by ''HONG'' of China. Similarly, exterminate the members of the Hebrewsaxon masonic lodges of ''AOA'' and ''OTO'' of London, along with the members of the national ''Great East'' masonic lodges in every country attacked, as mentioned above. The execution of this planetary crime ordered by ''HONG'' is carried out by the ''NSA'' , the Varouch rabbis , and the Rockfellers of the USA, along with the ''AOA'' and ''OTO'' masonic lodges of London, as messengers of the orders by ''HONG'' to the ''NSA''-Rockfellers-Varouch rabbis of the U.S.

Immediately exterminate the members of the ''Great Oak’s Lodge'' masonic lodge in New York for the same reasons. Immediately order the deportation of all Jews and Chinese from the countries attacked for obvious reasons.

Immediately take necessary survival measures based on the defence instructions above.
The ownership of NASA must be restored immediately back to its former control and ownership by the U.S. Congress and the American government. Take similar actions by discharging from the armed forces the Jewish officers of ''HAARP'' in Alaska and Europe.

Immediately have  Afro-American U.S officers discharged from all U.S armed forces, as the vast majority of them are islamists about to be ordered , by Islamic clergy within and outside the U.S., to destroy the U.S armed forces , that is Army, Navy , Air force. This demise will be brought about through civil war in the U.S.A between the white Christian and black Islamic populations.

On behalf of the G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic re-establishment)  Patras division in Greece, the G.HREES representative, Karageorgiou Cr. Cr. Giannis, national and planetary security General of G.H.REES.

Tel: 698 36579 54
Address: 12 Elpidos str. Nea Ionia, Volos, Greece.

P.S (1):

Immediately order  the authorities of all districts, counties, and cities in the attacked countries to take urgent measures to defend their local industries-enterprises-private homes against this planned planetary Jewish-Chinese crime , whose ultimate goal is the survival of only the yellow races of China and Korea, and the complete genocide of 2/3s of the earth’s population , that is the white, black and Mongolian white-yellow and black-yellow races. Thus, the stupid suicidal Jewish and Saxon criminals of ''AOA'' and ''OTO'' of London will also be genocided and terminated.


This text of planetary security to be sent to all international mass media, all foreign police headquarters, all foreign universities and foreign embassies.


Text to be sent to the United Nations (ONU) , the ''CIA'', the ''FBI'' , the UN general convention, international courthouses, all foreign embassies in Athens, and the local governments of the 50 U.S member states.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


How the Rothschilds prepared China to be the next USA

Blog's Commentary of the above video:
We see the hebrews new world order scumbags to speak about Dragonian China..

The money-grubber Rothschild says that China is a new paradise for investements.

The Cold-warrior Brezinsky speaks clearly about an alliance between the West and China.

And the Diplomat Kissinger says that both have common interests (hebrews of the West + China) and that a conflict between the 2 will exhaust both, while an alliance between the 2 will help both for the creation of the "New World Order".

Ofcourse they all calculated without the hotel keeper, namely the Chinese, which wants all of them dead...
Because the full of racism Chinese do not want any other race to co-exist with them in their Sinic Empire (Pax Sinica), and they have main purpose the genocide of all the other races (including the hebrew-mongols) and the survival of only the pure Yellow Dragonian Race.
The filthy hebrew dictator Kissinger conceals from the sheeple that there are two(2) "New World Orders", firstly the Western "New Order 666" destined to live for a while, and secondly the Eastern "New World 888" destined to live for 1000 years as the "Kingdom of the (Chinese) Jehowah"(Complete Chinese dominion with parallel genocide of all the other races after the Third World War or Armageddon)
Ofcource the Yellow Race is about 2 billion against 5 billion of the other races (White+Black+Mongols) but they have mananged to divide these 5 billion in order to win them...(divide and conquer)
In case the White+Black race was united in a coalition against the Yellows, then the Chinese would never had the slightest chance to survive this... That was the attempt which the G.H.REES tried to do with the unification of USA + Russia (R.A.T.I.O. pact) to intercept the Chinese imperialism.
Nevertheless the 2 billion win the 5 billion because the 2 billion are united, disciplined and determined and the 5 billion are devided and lost in space and ofcourse they also ignited "Islam" and the illegal immigrants crisis and the Jihadists wars are making everything worse and add to the chaos and disorder and decline in the West. Do you see any illegal immigrant to dare to go to China? (!!!) They will bury him alive (!!!) Vast Empty Ghost Mega-Cities exists in China, nevertheless the full of racism Chinese do not accommodate any single illegal immigrant !!!
It is unbilievable but it's happening! Do you ever expected the one time Powerful West to become so miserable and the poor Chinese to became so great? This is the infamous ASIAN CENTURY as wikipedia and the World Bank predicted. But only the true Astro-Geo-Strategics of G.H.REES has predicted this already from the Year 1988 by writing: "Year 2002: Start of economical enslavement to the Chinese. Judaism = Third grade Clients of the Chinese-Tibet-Turkmongols"!!! How the hell they found this? And not only this, but in the year 1985 the G.H.REES had predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union!!!
Not even Kissinger himself who had done the infamous openning to China back then in 1972, would never had imagined such a development. Literaly he opened the sac of the (Chinese) Aeolus back then. 
And the Chinese they appear today (especially in the under collapse Greece) as the Economical "Messiah" Jesus Christ (888) who will come to apply order and investements to the collapsing West:

Which is again a big misconception, because China has as puprose the West final Genocide, through the creation of the Neo-Nazi Golden-Dawn provocateur "Constantinople Monkey Empire 666" and its campaign up to the Depths of Asia (as leaders of "NATO/SEATO") up to the "Red Apple Tree" for the ignition of the massive counter-assault of the "Shanghai Pact" (Russia - Shiite Islam - China & Korea 888 + 777) for the genocide of the West populations. (trilateral US.E.J. axis against the R.I.C. axis)

PS: And finally see bellow the stupid Greek communist Koutsoubas to promote the "NEW WORLD 888" of the "communist" dictatorial Dragonian China, by predicting the end of the American Capitalism - end of the West Order:


Here is how the allegedly "communist" ...brave NEW WORLD act to the workers:

Chinese bank manager spanks employees for poor performance, Watch video | Oneindia News

PS2: From beings (Chinese) who boil alive and eat the best friend of man (Argos of Odysseas) do not expect from them any decency, they will boil and eat you alive also. They genocided in the past all the Hellenes-Ionians-Yunnan of Asia, they will complete the genocide against you now with the help of some hebrew-masons-filthy-traitors of the West!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017



ATHENS 24/9/2017






Patriots Russian Officers, from the Department of Space Research of G.H.REES Patras Greece, we are being informed that “Non-terrestrial forces of the local space" have ordered military forces of the subterraneans to attack against the Russian Army, through giant sink–holes of the surface of Earth, which the subterraneans open through MEGA-LASERS of melting of the subterranean rocks and soils. STOP._

The above mentioned extraterrestrial forces of the local space, through the Arch-Rabbis Barouch of New York – USA, have ordered the Hebrews and the Masons directors of the Mass Media of USA – Canada – South America – European Countries – Japan, namely of the trilateral “US.E.J.”, and through HONG of China, have ordered the priesthoods of the trilateral “T.I.M.” (Tibet – India – Mongolia) and of the Buddhist countries of Asia, to accept the subterranean forces as allies of “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.”, in the planned Third World War military assault of “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” against the trilateral “R.I.C.” Russia – Shiite Islam  - China. STOP._

The above mentioned non-terrestrial forces of the Local Space, through the Arch-Rabbis Barouch of “USA” who act as “Kings of the Jews” globally, and the Hebrew Arch-Rabbinia of Moscow (500.000 Hebrews of Moscow), have ordered the Hebrews Politicians, who govern Russia today, to not order towards the Russian Army the takeover of defensive measures around the giant sink-holes of the outside terrestrial surface in Russia – for the immediate destruction of the forthcoming U.F.O. ships of the subterreneans, in order for those ships to achieve to exterminate part of the Russian population before their destruction from the Russian Air-Defenses, in order to maximize the “Moral Alibi” of the Russian Army against the “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” armies and in order of the “R.I.C.” armies to massively counter-assault in the Third World War, in order to genocide the armies and the unarmed populations of the trilaterals “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.”. STOP._

We advise to the Russian Army to take out any political – judicial – governmental – executive (military – police – GRU – SPETNAZ) – academic – economical power, real estate and rest fortunes and bank funds and company stocks, from the Hebrews of Russia, because the Hebrews as White-Yellow mongols, are conspiring for the genocide of the White Russians through the Chinese and Korean Armies, through from now on fixed religious conflict between the “Christian China 888” and the Russian-Kazakhstan “Solar Sect” of “Astana” in the Second Phase of Third World War, after the annihilation  of “US.E.J.” and “T.I.M.” from “R.I.C.”. STOP._

“SOLAR SECT ASTANA” : Devised by the Arch-Rabbis Barouch. STOP._

As allies of the subterraneans against “R.I.C.” have been designed to appear three (3) coalitions of armed space forces of the local space + inner earth:

1) Pseudo-Apollonians subterreneans under the name “Abaddon” and “Apollyon” in the Greek Language._ (Teratogeny)

2) Pseudo-Andromedians allegedly forthcoming from the Constellation of Andromeda (Cronians whites mutineers allies of the Dragonians )._

3) Pseudo-Nibirunians (Lunar Dragonians) of the non-existent planet “Nibiru” with the demand to deliver to them all the Gold of the Planet, under the false pretext that “The gold is vital to them in order to clean the atmosphere of their planet”. STOP._

For more information analyze with Greek Translators the 2 DVD’s with G.H.REES documents, that are given by the blog “Hellen and Chaos”. STOP._

PS: Subject of only Hellenic interests and University Professors of the Ancient Hellenic Language: In “John’s Revelation” last book of the Lunar Dragonian “Holy Scriptures” the “DESTROYER” forthcoming from the sink-holes of the Abyss which have open an Angel of God (!!!) is named “Apollyon” = Destroyer, from the verb “Apollymi” = To Destroy – under the devious purpose to provoke sound association with the name “Apollo”, namely with the name of the Andromedian God – Hyper-Scientist of Fine Arts Apollo, who ofcourse always was and is a Creator God – and not Destroyer, and also Apollo, under the circumstantial evidence, after 9.600 B.C. (Sinking of Atlantis – Aegis) have taken command of the Hollow-Earth, by communicating with the outside surface of the Planet through the hole of the North Pole, and thus was named “Hyperborean Apollo”. STOP._

The devious purpose of this terminological forgery of the name “Apollo” with false etymology from the verb “Apollymi” = To Destroy, was done from the Anti-Hellene Hebrew Rabbi Yohan, author of “Johh’s Revelation”, as medium – black magician under the trance – catalepsy of Lunar Dragonian demons, in order to blame Greece(Hellas) with the crimes that will commit the Dragonian Arch-Demon 666 “Abaddon – Apollyon forthcoming from the sink-holes of the Abyss”. It is treasonous blaspheme for the Greek Academia, Dodecatheists, Masons, and Priests and Monks of “Orthodoxy” and “Epsilon”, that all the above accept the matching of “Apollyon” of the “Revelation” with the Hellenic God “Apollo”, and the Etymology of the name “Apollo” with the verb “Apollymi”. STOP._

The G.H.REES Representative – Karageorgiou Giannis (Volos – Greece)
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See the Giant Sink-Holes that have opened mysteriously in the Russian vast territories: